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फ्याफुल्ला प्रभु येशुला छानरी,
जमान्दा ढेन्मुला मुला
Jayamashiha, Lassho, Fyafulla .
Welcome to the “International Tamang Speaking Christian Fellowship” Official Website which is mainly focused on the Tamang community as well as we welcome every tribes and nation also and through this page God’s name is Glorified.


We are International Tamanag Speking Christian Fellowship Team.

भजनसंग्रह 117:1 (Psalm 117:1)

हे सबै जाति-जातिका मानिस हो, परमप्रभुको स्‍तुति गर। हे सबै जन हो, उहाँको जयजयकार गर।

(Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples.)


-To Share Gospel in midst of Tamang Speaking Community, Encourage the Tamang Believers & To enhance Tamang Language.
-Reach among every Tamang speaking people to share Gospel of Jesus Christ.


To see all of the Tamang speaking people transformed by the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, preached in the Tamang language.


More Than 50 People Join Thursday Tamang Fellowship From Different Parts Of Globe including America, Canada, Kathmandu, Kavre, Bhaktapur, Hetauda, Makawanpur, Bhutan, Manipur, Sikkim, Malaysia, Qatar, Dubai and they Are Blessed To Attend This Fellowship.

तामाङ भाषामा संगति कसरी शुरु भयो?

तामाङ भाषा संगति कसरी शुरु भयो भन्ने बिषयमा भन्नुपर्दा म आफै पनि तामाङ भएको कारणले शुरु शुरुमा म आफैले पनि नेपाली भाषा राम्रोसँग बोल्न आउदैन थियो, झन् बाइबलको बचन त धार्मिक शब्दहरु हुन्छ त्यो बुज्न मलाई निकै गाह्रो भयो । जब मैले येशूलाई विश्वास गरें अनि बाइबल पढ्न थाले । त्यसपछि म सन २००० मा बाइबल अनुवाद गर्ने काममा लागे जब म बाइबल अनुवाद गर्न शुरु गर्न थाले तब मैले बाइबलका रहस्यका कुराहरु बुज्न थाले, यसरी परमेश्वरको त्यो महान प्रेमलाई गहन रुपमा बुज्न पाए, जुन वचन सुसमाचार यूहन्ना ३ः१६ मा प्रभु येशूले भन्नुभयो, परमेश्वरले संसारलाई यस्तो प्रेम गर्नुभयो, उहाँमाथि विश्वास गर्ने कोही पनि नाश नहोस् तर त्यसले अनन्त जीवन पाओस् । यहाँ संसार भन्ने शब्दले एउटा जाती, एउटा धर्म मान्ने समूदयलाई मात्र प्रेम गर्नुभयो भनिरहनुभएको छैन रहेछ, यो शब्दले संसारमा भएको सबै जाती र भाषाका मानिसहरुलाई प्रेम गर्नुभएको कुरा छ ।
तर अनन्त जीवन र उद्धार चाहिँ येशूलाई विश्वास गर्नेले मात्र पाउनेछ भन्नु भएको छ । त्यसैले यो अनन्त जीवन र उद्धार चाहिँ मैले मात्र पाएर हुदैन, मेरा सबै जातीहरुले पनि पाउनुपर्छ भनेर परमेश्वरको त्यो महान प्रेमको बोरेमा अरुलाई पनि सुनाउन थालें, मेले जस जसलाई परमेश्वसको महान प्रेमको बारेमा सुनाए र उहाँहरुलाई आफ्नै बुज्ने भाषामा सुनाउँदा उहाँहरुको जीवनमा र परिवारमा परिवर्तन आएको कुराहरु पाइयो । अहिले हामीसँग तामाङ भाषामा नै सुसमाचार सुनाउने, भजन गाउने, आराधना गर्ने, ग्रहण गराउने समूह छन् । यसरी तामाङ भाषामा संंगतिहरु शुरु भएको छ, अनलाइन मार्फत जूमको माध्यमबाट तामाङ संगतिहरु भाइरहेको छ । यो जूम संगतिद्धारा विभिन्न देशहरुमा बस्नुभएको तामाङहरु परमेश्वरको प्रेमको एकतामा आउनुभएको छ । यो नै तामाङ संगतिको उपलब्धी हो । परमेश्वरको महिमा भएको होस्!
मदन मोक्तान (पास्टर/सह-संस्थापक)

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People are being blessed to attend this Fellowship. They are learning to speaking in Tamang and to sing and practise Tamang Christian Songs & Hymns

Our team

Meet the people behind this unprecedented initiative.
Amos Moktan

Production Head/Founder

Madan Moktan


B. Kamal Tamang

Pastor/Pioneer Of ITSCF

Isaac Moktan

Worship Leader/Musician

Mahan Moktan


Story Behind ITSCF

amos tamang

Greeting in the name of Our Savior Jesus Christ. It’s me Amos Tamang (Moktan). I’m from Kathmandu, Nepal. I’m married to a beautiful wife and live with my family.

What led to the founding of the International Tamang Speaking Christian Fellowship?

I want to start by thanking Team ETLT and my Almighty Lord. ITSCF established in 2019. Before that, my father collaborates with pastor Ghising and his staff in an office named ETLT. Since about 1998 or 2000,
they have been translating the Bible into Tamang (Eastern) Language. They also served as my primary source of motivation for starting the ITSCF.

Many Tamang Christians, including myself, found great blessing in the gospel songs, gospel tracks, and other resources that their team began to release in A.D. 2012–2013. Following that, we used to host a fellowship in our home with four families and in our village, In the years 2018–2019. By God’s Grace, the Tamang fellowship continues to exist.

Nelson Mandela, a former South African president and civil rights activist who devoted his life to fighting for equality, is a major source of inspiration for me. According to him, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.”

Similar to this, if we share the gospel to those who speak Tamang then they will understand the gospel and become impacted by it. Although we share the gospel among our communities through testimonials, songs, and sermons, as far as I know, Jesus never said to share the gospel with a specific set of folks. Make disciples of all peoples, He commanded. (Matt. 28:19–20). Similarly, we are carrying out the commands He gave us to seek out Tamang speaking people to make His disciples. We preach the good news about salvation to our community through testimony, songs, sermons and other means.

At last, I’d like to add a verse from Philippians 2:10–11 which I think is fascinating: “Every Knee should bow before our Lord.” As a result, we are starting to pass on the good news of salvation all over our community and each people group, language, and nation should praise God everywhere and at any moment. 

Thank You, God Bless You!

In Christ!
Amos Tamang (Moktan)
Founder Of ITSCF,

Why Tamang Christian Fellowship?

why fellowship in tamang language?


This helps to learn the Tamang Language who don’t know and It will be practise for those who used to speak Tamang language in past but not now.

in Tamang

This helps us to worship in Tamang language and enhance the Preaching the word of God in Tamang language. 

Among Tamang

Sharing Gospel among the Tamang Community through the use of testimony, songs, Music Videos and sermons in the language.

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Success Stories

Eastern Tamang Audio Bible Distribution

Many believers of kavre, Sankhu, Makawanpur have been blessed through the Audio bible. They are really happy to get Audio Bible in their own mother-tongue.

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